A selfie of me standing in front of a glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park

Hi, I’m Jeff! I’m currently a first year PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Previously, I was an MS Thesis student at Columbia University where I worked on systems to support data visualization interfaces, advised by Professor Eugene Wu.

I’m interested in researching:

  • How creating user interfaces can be made easier
  • How interfaces and visualizations can improve the process of programming
  • How non-programmer users can be empowered to take advantage of computing

In a past life, I worked as a senior full-stack software engineer at MongoDB and Microsoft.



DIG: The Data Interface Grammar
Yiru Chen, Jeffrey Tao, Eugene Wu
HILDA 2023

Demonstration of PI2: Interactive Visualization Interface Generation for SQL Analysis in Notebook
Jeffrey Tao, Yiru Chen, Eugene Wu

XRP: In-Kernel Storage Functions with eBPF
Yuhong Zhong, Haoyu Li, Yu Jian Wu, Ioannis Zarkadas, Jeffrey Tao, Evan Mesterhazy, Michael Makris, Junfeng Yang, Amy Tai, Ryan Stutsman, Asaf Cidon
OSDI 2022
Jay Lepreau Best Paper Award


In my spare time, I also maintain some side projects: